Bend it like Beckett

Various Artists

100-Track Audio CD
Curated by Danny McCarthy

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Bend it like Beckett | 100-Track Full length Audio CD

Those who are familiar with the work of Samuel Beckett will know of the importance of sound in his work. Beckett had a great understanding of sound and a profound knowledge of the practice of listening. To mark the occasion of the centenary of Beckett's birth, Danny McCarthy has curated this cd of on hundred works by over eighty artists, from twenty countries.

This new cd has works in a wide variety of forms ranging from electro acoustic, electronic, acoustic and voice to glitch, noise etc., and includes contributions from artists such as David Toop, Scanner, Mick O'Shea, Keiji Shimoda, Thea Herold & Stephen Vitiello.


Full Track listing:

1 Scanner Interval 2
2 Scanner Interval 3
3 Thanos Chrysakis You & Me
4 Panayiotis Kokoras Anechoic Boom
5 Christopher De Laurenti Small Orchestra Tuning Up
6 Mystified Beckett
7 Sean Taylor From Krapp’s Last Tape
8 Barry W Hughes/Bahs Life Support (Breath)
9 Brown Sierra, Olly Fay, Lee Gamble Buzzing
10 Brown Sierra, Olly Fay, Lee Gamble Fucking
11 Mikhail Karikis Love Song (after Beckett)
12 Mikhail Karikis Interlude
13 David Lacy & Paul Vogel After The Image
14 David Stalling & Anthony Kelly Farpoint
15 Sonic 1 Falling After
16 Roger Gregg Final Stage Directions Of Godot Yin
17 Roger Gregg Final Stage Directions Of Godot Yang
18 Fergus Kelly Ebb
19 Dr Angus Carlyle Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better
20 WHiG C’llab Time (Towards)Time
21 WHiG C’llab Breathspools
22 Susan Matthews Peeka
23 Richard Crow Untitled 2
24 Mary J Gilligan Beckett In A Chutney Jar
25 Michael Ryan Inner Core
26 Francis Merry Nothing Of The Kind (2)
27 Nathan Cook The Expelled
28 Declan Rooney Company (Extract)
29 Martin Simms A Scratch Of Ink
30 Sarah O’Halloran Same Old Jungle
31 Sarah O’Halloran Rubbish Cry Breath
32 The Beige Channel Sam’s Club
33 Becoming Animal A Bird Probably (Malone Dies)
34 Stan Link Lastwards Last
35 Martin A Smith I Want To Enjoy My Own Death
36 Martin A Smith Simple Gaze Before Me With Compressed Lips
37 Lasse Marc Riek Film
38 David Toop, Phil Durrant, Stefano Tedesco Sound Of Dying, Dying Glow
39 Vatican X –Ray Dept. Solid Rubber Ball
40 Matt Warren Beckett’s Grave
41 Siobhan Tattan Brilliant Failures (Excerpt)
42 Andre Stitt Track
43 Claudio Parodi Silent Movie
44 Paul Burnell This Is A Link
45 Slavek Kwi Bend Out
46 Julie Forrester (with Sheila Kelleher) See Saw
47 Thea Herald Waiting For A Walls Break
48 miXile What Is The Word
49 Linda O’Keeffe It’s Suicide To Be Abroad
50 Stephen Vitiello A Country Road. A Tree. Evening (rain)
51 Stephen Vitiello And If I Went On Listening To That Far Whisper...
52 Danny McCarthy A Gong With Mr Beckett
53 Crack My Pelvis Invocation
54 Seán Óg Over
55 Gintas Kraptavicius Godot Meditating
56 Mick O’Shea What Time
57 Richard Bowers Grave Chords Before The Night Turns Lonely
58 Viv Corringham Hear
59 Safe New Zero At 60
60 Working With Children Nothing Left From Deep Withen But Only Ever Fainter
61 Grainne McHale Birth Astride A Grave
62 Gydja Spool
63 Giuseppe Rapisarda Waiting For Feedback
64 Ian Doyle, Catherine Bowe Submission
65 Roisin Cunningham Impossible Is Nothing
66 Aileen Lambert So Long Since It Had Sounded
67 Not Abel Willie’s Disturbance
68 Eun Hye Hwang Again Again Again and
69 Una Walker One Hand
70 James McCann Knife (extract)
71 Seamus O’Donnell, Jürgen Eckloff, Lars Feiskkorn Gekämpft
72 Anti Social Services The Between
73 Wajid Uniform
74 Harry Moore Engine
75 Harry Moore Willow Warbler
76 Eric Nystrom La Boue Digitale
77 Bernard Clarke Off It Goes On
78 Ian John Coughlan Coda MMV
79 Brian Wilson A Secret Code
80 Brian Wilson Two Fish
81 Joan Halifax Fair To Middling Women
82 Mick O’Shea Tune
83 Viv Corringham Talk
84 Barry W Hughes Enter/Exit (without words)
85 Sonic 1 Three Hats For Two Heads
86 Jeanne Renault The Parable Of The Blind
87 Sophie Mc Whinnie Another Lost Soul
88 Seán O hUigín All The Old Ghosts
89 Seán O hUigín Coma
90 The Galabanti Green Hornet 1
91 The Galabanti Green Hornet 2
92 Danny McCarthy Another Gong for Mr Beckett
93 miXile Bike
94 Jeff Miles Fallafterfall
95 Morgan The Bouncer Cnocán Glas: 1906
96 The Ciúnas Quartet Scratchings 1
97 The Ciúnas Quartet Scratchings 2
98 Colin Fallows The Punctuation Variations (excerpt)
99 Keiji Shimoda Inbetweentime
100 Anon Stop, Listen, Hear Mr Beckett

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