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Amnestic Continuum by Arash Akbari - available 17th November from Farpoint Recordings

Amnestic Continuum is a concept album and a multidisciplinary project that utilises data sonification, data visualisation, and literature to critique the hidden external effects of the increasing hegemony of computation and automation on life on earth.


Watch a short video work for the track No Life Worse Lived in the player above. The video features ambisonic audio and can be experienced using headphones with or without VR headsets.


Amnestic Continuum is available in CD and digital formats. The CD version comes as a limited edition 32 page book featuring a ten track CD, images by Arash Akbari and poems by Christopher Doherty-Ingram. It is published as a first edition of 300 copies. The album is also available as a digital download (with a pdf booklet featuring the images and poems) via Bandcamp, Imusic and Spotify.

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