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Welcome to the new Farpoint Recordings website! We have been busy working away on an easier to navigate and to maintain version of the site. We have streamlined the shopping experience, now offering combined postage for multiple items and a credit card payment facility in addition to PayPal.


We hope that you, your family and friends are healthy and safe during Covid-19. 


The Farpoint Recordings webshop remains open and we promise to pack and post all items in accordance with current recommended safety measures. The Irish postal system is operating normally but there may be short delays in receiving your orders. Postage to Europe and Worldwide may experience delays depending on current lockdown restrictions in your particular area, so allowing some extra delivery time may be necessary.


Folding by Izumi Kimura, Cora Venus Lunny, Anthony Kelly
Available Spring 2021 from

Announcing Folding, a new vinyl LP and CD of collective compositions featuring piano by Izumi Kimura, violin by Cora Venus Lunny and field recordings by Anthony Kelly. The wonderfully nuanced playing of Izumi Kimura & Cora Venus Lunny and immersive field recordings by Anthony Kelly form a sonically rich response to the coastal townlands of Dún Laoghaire, County Dublin, Ireland. 


Folding will be available in a number of formats including coloured Vinyl LP with a full colour booklet and download, a 6 panel eco-pack CD with extra track and insert sheet, and various digital platforms including Bandcamp and iTunes.


Project supported by Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, The Arts Council of Ireland and Music Network.


You can hear a preview track in the Listen section of our website


Memorialising the Sacred - sound recordings from Loutró and Anópoli, Crete

by Anthony Kelly and David Stalling

Memorialising the Sacred is a special edition CD by artists Anthony Kelly & David Stalling featuring sound recordings from Sfakiá, south-west Crete. The hour-long audio composition is interspersed with recordings of short descriptive passages by Greek culture expert Paddy Sammon. The packaging features black and white images by curator and photographer Seán McCrum. 


This special edition CD will soon be available from the Farpoint Recordings webshop for 8 euros (plus p&p). However, if you would like a copy posted out to you now, please drop us a short line at info[at] 


New editions from Farpoint Recordings during 2021

We have a number of new releases planned for 2021 including Elemental Machinery by David Stalling; The Telepathic Lockdown Tapes by The Quiet Club (Danny McCarthy & Mick O’Shea); First by John McLachlan; Folding by Izumi Kimura, Cora Venus Lunny & Anthony Kelly; Ian Wilson (title to be confirmed), Memorialising the Sacred by Anthony Kelly, Seán McCrum, Paddy Sammon and David Stalling; Amnestic Continuum by Arash Akbari and more to be announced. Formats include cassette tape, CD, Download and Vinyl. 


Please drop back soon for more updates…




Voices Inside by Victor Lazzarini

Every now and then we enjoy a dive into the Farpoint Recordings back catalogue highlighting one of our previous releases...


Voices Inside comprises the debut CD release of electroacoustic and live-electronic works by Irish based Brazillian composer Victor Lazzarini published through Farpoint Recordings. The album contains a variety of music, ranging from vocal explorations to a jazz-inspired eulogy to John Coltrane. These works portray, mosaic-like, the eclectic nature of Lazzarini's compositions, a meeting point of various musical streams and interests; the contemporary and the ancient, the technological and the primeval.


The album was launched back in 2006 at an event in the Goethe-Institut, Dublin when Victor Lazzarini gave an introductory talk about the project. This was followed by a well received short multi-channel sound diffusion concert showcasing versions of a number of tracks on the album. The CD packaging comprises a refreshingly direct four page booklet design for clear jewel case featuring black and white photography by Doreen Kennedy. 


Copies of Voices Inside are available from the Farpoint Recordings shop





Over the last couple of years we have published numerous soft cover and hardback books. These include Beyond Silence: A Bell Rings in an Empty Sky and Listen hEar by Danny McCarthy; Strange Attractor with contributions from David Toop, Claire Healy, Steve Roden & Dawn Williams; Unknown Point by David Stalling & Anthony Kelly; On Reading & A Quiet Zone (Toronto & Fitchburg) by Jed Speare; Ziryabs Gnu by Schirin Nowrousian; Temple Hill Burial Ground by Sean McCrum, Doreen Kennedy & Anthony Kelly and many other books & pamphlets. We also distribute titles including Site of Sound (Errant Bodies Press) and Performance Art in Ireland (Intellect & LADA). 


These publications and many others are available from the Farpoint Recordings shop

books 2.jpg
Black Iris artwork packaging.jpg


Frans de Waard of Vital Weekly finds a refreshingly 'direct in your face approach' to Black Iris by The Quiet Club and Stephen Vitiello, resulting in a fine disc with just the right running time...


The Irish duo of Danny McCarthy and Mick O'Shea, also known as The Quiet Club did a residency at the Rauschenberg Foundation in 2016. The first release from that was 'No Meat No Bone' (Vital Weekly 1128) and now there is a release they recorded in concert with Stephen Vitiello towards the end of the residency at the Black Iris Gallery and Studio; hence the title. There is a picture of the concert on the inside of the cover and although not a very clear picture, I would think this is something that involves lots of small objects being amplified, electronics, guitars and the odd laptop. I believe this is a recording made with a microphone in the gallery and there is some additional hiss in this recording. It gives some more edge to the recording. Over the course of thirty-five minutes the three men improvise, not so quietly I must say, with all that is at their disposal. It is, perhaps, not your usual improvisational music. There are small synthesizers used, bumping on objects and guitars being processed on the spot. There is a fine interaction between these players and they can go for a bit of quiet introspection if they want to. Just as easily they up the volume and add a bit of a noise element to the music. The addition of spoken word (from shortwave radio, I assume) is an unexpected but fine addition to this. Overall there is a direct in your face approach here, both in the way the material is played by them as well as with the recording itself. That results in a fine disc, but also one that at this length is just enough for me. 


(FdW) Vital Weekly, Number 1218, Week 5, 2020

Black Iris is available in two different artwork formats from the Farpoint Recordings shop




Have you checked out the new Listen section on the Farpoint Recordings website yet? 


It’s a great way to hear and sample tracks from our artist releases. We’ll be adding more tracks for you to hear as we continue our release schedule over the next while.


The Listen section includes works by Danny McCarthy, Viv Corringham, Benjamin Dwyer, Paul Hegarty and Mick O’Shea, Stephen Vitiello, Pat Collins and Tadhg O’Sullivan, Christina Kubisch, Fergus Kelly, The Quiet Club, Steve Roden, Paul Kane and Katie O’Looney, Jennifer Walshe and Strange Attractor amongst many others. 


Happy Listening!



John Eyles, writing for All About Jazz commends Benjamin Dwyer, Pete Gomes & Helen Kindred; Farpoint Recordings and graphic designer Nathan Somers of We Make Visual in his review of KnowingUnknowing...

The Dublin-based label Farpoint Recordings always takes great pride in its releases, lavishing time and love on their artwork, packaging, documentation and quality control. Never has that been truer than on KnowingUnknowing by guitarist-composer-writer Benjamin Dwyer, dancer Helen Kindred and film-maker Pete Gomes. In addition to its impressive artwork by graphic designer Nathan Somers, the sleeve also contains a thirteen-page academic paper by Dwyer as well as two pages each from Kindred and Gomes, all three being linked academically to Middlesex University London. While these writings are certainly enlightening about the work, some music enthusiasts may find slightly more documentation here than they are used to. 


However, inside the sleeve there are also two discs, a seventy-five-minute CD of Dwyer acoustic guitar performances of seven pieces by other composers and three by himself, and a twenty-eight-minute monochrome DVD of Kindred dancing to an improvised Dwyer performance of his "KnowingUnknowing" composition, filmed by Gomes; an excerpt from the film can be seen on YouTube. 


Altogether, the CD tracks and DVD show Dwyer to be an outstanding and inventive guitarist; whether playing another composer's score, improvising on another's piece or on his own, his fluid playing breathes life into his instrument so it produces a full rich sound which makes the music come alive and sing. Dwyer's occasional use of preparations and extended playing techniques, exemplified on the clip, are integrated with his conventional playing so they never feel like bolt-ons but a natural part of the whole. It is not difficult to hear why renowned bassist Barry Guy recruited Dwyer to his large international ensemble Blue Shroud Band, with whom he has recorded three albums. 


The combination of Dwyer's music and Kindred's dance, both improvised, is firmly in the tradition of such innovative work as that by British guitarist Derek Bailey and Japanese dancer Min Tanaka in 1993 (which is still viewable on YouTube). However, in terms of combining music with dance, Dwyer and Kindred are undoubtedly at the cutting edge; the three-part "KnowingUnknowing," which they began developing in 2016, is a quantum leap up from anything that Bailey and Tanaka produced or envisaged. 


Particularly fascinating is the enthralling nine-minute opening piece on the DVD, in which Dwyer and Kindred both perform blindfolded, thus underlining how in touch he is with his guitar, and she with her body and the performance space. Throughout, he is clearly mindful of her, as he noticeably ensures there is some form of pulse present in his guitar playing. Together, Dwyer and Kindred make the combination of music and dance seem unavoidably obvious, as each enhances the other in a perfect symbiosis. After repeatedly enjoying the contents of both discs here, only one reaction is possible: More soon, please!

Vist the Listen section on the Farpoint Recordings website to hear tracks from this release

KnowingUnknowing is available from the Farpoint Recordings shop



Silence / Sound by Pat Collins and Tadhg O'Sullivan features in
A Closer Listen's Best Field Recording Albums of the Decade


We are delighted to learn that Silence / Sound has been named one of A Closer Listen's field recording & soundscape works of the decade. The list features works by Chris Watson, Kate Carr, Lawrence English and Daniel Blinkhorn amongst others.

Silence / Sound is a collaboration between film-maker Pat Collins and sound designer Tadhg O’Sullivan that presents a unique sonic version of Collins’s 2012 feature film Silence. Paring back what was already a sparse, meditative work, Silence / Sound is an immersive journey through the sonic geography of Eoghan’s route and into the sonic memories that emerge from it. Congratulations to Pat and Tadhg!

You can read the full article here

Silence / Sound is available from the Farpoint Recordings shop


Season's greetings from Farpoint Recordings

A great big thank you all our kind label supporters who purchased our releases and came along to our launch events during 2019. Looking forward to seeing you all again in 2020.



Easy perfection Salad.jpg


Reviewing Easy Salad Perfection for Vital Weekly number 1212, Frans de Waard discovers a rewarding listening experience with delicate crossovers between electro-acoustic music and improvisation, with greatly refined interaction between players...


Looking at the large fold-out poster that is cover of the release here, I had the notion of the music being created as part of building the shed-like construction that two men are engaged in. Rumbling with tools, iron objects, mortar and such. Listening to the disc, I would think there are also small synthesizers used in this construction. From Hegarty, we recently encountered a release with Romain Perrot, under the guise of Maginot (and who is a member of Safe) and Mick O'Shea is a member of the Quiet Club (see Vital Weekly 1128) and Strange Attractor. On this CD we find five lengthy pieces, from six to twenty-one minutes in duration, of carefully played improvisations, all recorded at the Cork Artists Collective, Sherkin Island and The Guesthouse in Cork.The instruments are the aforementioned small synthesizers in combination with found objects on the various locations where they recorded their work. At least that's what I assume based on what I heard. In 'Vegetables 1' there is also a bit of voice, and it's perhaps the only piece with more or less continuous sounds, along with 'Vegetables 2'. The other pieces seem to deal with a freer play of sounds, hitting, scratching and plucking along the surface. Sometimes the sound veers towards an inaudible level. Since the whole release is some seventy minutes long it is quite a long ride here. For me, it worked best if I took it in a piece by piece, with the two parts of 'Vegetables' perhaps counting as one piece, also looking at the similarities there. Overall, it is quite demanding on the listener and one needs to exercise full concentration, but it turns out to be quite a rewarding experience, I thought. It is a delicate crossover between electro-acoustic music and improvisation and it is done with great-refined interaction between both players. (FdW)

You can hear tracks from this CD in the Listen section of the Farpoint Recordings website

Easy Perfection Salad is available from the Farpoint Recordings shop now!






Friday 11th October - Record Fair 6pm, Live Performance 7.30pm

IMRO, Copyright House, Pembroke Row, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2, Ireland


Free Admission, all welcome to come along

The National Association of Record Labels of Ireland (NARLI) was formed in 2016 with the aim of furthering independent music in Ireland and forging cooperation between the labels involved in its production.


The Annual General Music (AGM) is a yearly sonic meeting of all partner labels, now open to the public, taking the form of a record fair followed by a collaborative live performance from artists represented across the combined catalogues - the ‘Minutes’ of the meeting.


The labels involved include Diatribe Records, Dot Dot Dot Music, Ergodos, Farpoint Recordings, Heresy Records and Raelach Records, who collectively are leading figures working to sustain and further new Irish music at home and representing their country on the international stage.



SEJF & DYM - now stocking Farpoint Recordings releases

Jagiełły 11 / Łaźnia Miejska

Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland


We are pleased to announce that SEJF & DYM, Gorzów, Poland are now stocking a selection of Farpoint Recordings titles in their shop. You can find CD's, Books, Cassette Tapes and Vinyl Records by Farpoint Recordings artists including Nad Spiro, The Quiet Club, Stephen Vitiello, Fergus Kelly, Steve Roden, Quiet Music Ensemble, Anthony Kelly & David Stalling, Jennifer Walshe, Danny McCarthy, Karen Power, Paul Kane & Katie O'Looney and Viv Corringham amongst others.


SEJF is a creative space that includes a record shop and is run by Mateusz Rosiński & Fabian Błauciak. Do call by for a browse and a friendly chat - it's well worth a visit if you are in the Gorzów area. 


SEJF & DYM opening hours: Tues - Thurs 17:00 - 21, Fri & Sat 18:00 - 02:00, Sound 17:00 - 21, Closed Mondays.


Remember to always check ahead before visiting - / +48 531 452 382


Paul Hegarty and Mick O'Shea - Easy Perfection Salad reviewed by Duncan Simpson for Musique Machine

Duncan Simpson finds a 'balanced diet of avant-garde sonics...'


Farpoint Recordings have since their inception in the mid 2000s quietly been releasing a series of quality records pirouetting through the hinterlands of improvisation, electronic experimentation and performance. Paul Hegarty is better known as a writer an academic working in aesthetics, and has authored books on modern French philosophy as well as the history of noise music. He puts theory into practice as a member of both SAFE and Maginot. Here he collaborates on a suite of live recordings made on Sherkin island and the city of Cork with Mick O'Shea, who is predominantly known for his live homemade electronics.


There is an immediate mystery afoot regarding the relationship between the numerous photographs of the wooden shell of a hut, built upon scrub land, which adorn the A2 fold out poster which comes with the CD. Two men - presumably the artists - are milling around, collecting and modifying objects around the building's skeletal frame. Since the only other clue is that according to the notes the artists "found and prepared all materials herein", we can perhaps assume that the occasion for the record is linked to the notion of construction using found objects, or some other naturalistic or scavenger type procedure. Certainly the music within is of a highly improvised and spontaneous kind. Vegetables 1 kicks off the record on a surreal note, as against a backdrop of buzzing analogue electronics a distant voice speaks - fearfully to these ears - of liking "pickles, not piccalilli. Just pickles". It's not easy to pick out the words, but as the synthesiser noise modulates around unidentifiable found percussive sound the repeated phrases take on a quotidian mantra like quality. The second in the Vegetables series of tracks maintains the sound pallet of the first but loses the surreal spoken word. There's a heavy reverb on all the bowing, clanking, scraping sounds that seems to float over the gentle LFO throb of synthesiser drones.


After this opening salvo the remainder of the record is taken up by three extended tracks; the longest MEAT render at over 21 minutes. Before the render, however, we have the MEAT trimmings, nearly eighteen minutes of slowly evolving free noise and industrial dread, set well back within a cavernous reverb. There's fewer electronic interventions on show here, with the much of the sound coming from bowed and scraped metal of various kinds, reminiscent of early Organum or even Nurse With Wound's 1980s foray into the live arena. In truth the range of sounds is thin on the ground and any interplay between the players is difficult to detect. An occasional phrase or repeated gesture arises from the gloom only to fall back again rather than being developed. MEAT render adds delay effects and electronics to the mix with more success. There's a greater sense of intention in the layering and counterpoint between the synthesised and acoustic elements which suggests more interplay between Hegarty and O'Shea. There's also more light and shade (well different shades of shade anyway!) as busier passages of strained electronics give way to quieter moments combining subtle feedback drones, light static and strange rustling and creaking deep in the mix.


Finally The Shed drops much of the cavernous reverb and we can hear some of those acoustic sources up close and personal. After the large spaces implied in the previous productions it's almost jarring to the hear the players working so close and relatively unclothed in effects. The approach yields benefits though, as the creepiness of all those crackling, unidentifiable sounds is lifted in favour of more obvious cooperation and creative use of the material available. Contact microphones on wooden objects tingle the ear ASMR style, while a range of bowed and struck objects circle around. Another comparison one might draw is with the output of fellow Ireland based improviser Aranos who has at times also favoured a minimal and "found" selection of sound sources. The record however does suffer the same disconnect that afflicts much sound art and free improvisation; that between the sound of the thing and the images or ideas that purportedly accompany it. On the face of it, this a dark sounding record, and yet the amusing agrarian photographs that make up the double sided poster, and the modus operandi of the pair of improvisers, would suggest a more playful approach. Nevertheless Easy Perfect Salad still provides a balanced diet of avant-garde sonics.


Duncan Simpson / Musique Machine

You can hear tracks from this CD in the Listen section of the Farpoint Recordings website

Easy Perfection Salad is available from the Farpoint Recordings shop


Listening Lab_Edition 1.jpg

Listening Lab with Anthony Kelly / Heritage Week Edition

A Sound Map Of Dún Laoghaire

The Reading Room, Blackrock Library, Main Street, County Dublin

6.30 - 7.30pm, Tuesday 20th August - All welcome


The first edition in a series of short listening events at Blackrock Library drawing on audio material from the growing sound archive of A Sound Map Of Dún Laoghaire. Listeners are invited to sit and listen to both old and new recordings from nature, stories and poetry all relating to the rich heritage of Dún Laoghaire Borough. This free event is part of Dún Laoghaire Rathdown Heritage Week and all are welcome to come along. All that is needed is a curious ear!


Come along at 6.30pm on Tuesday and you can hear sounds from the harbour at Dún Laoghaire, snow falling during Storm Emma, Blackrock Market and poems by David Butler, a fox at night, Booterstown strand at dusk, Chris Nuzum describing some of the nature and wildlife found at Temple Hill Burial Ground, Blackbird song, a car wash at Newtownpark Avenue by Sound Map guest recordist Barry O’Mahony and many more field recordings. Further editions of Listening Lab are planned for September 19th and October 24th 2019 at Blackrock Library.


Kindly supported by Blackrock Library & Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council


Meanwhile, you can visit the Sound Map project website at



image: Anthony Kelly and David Stalling, Gorzów, Poland, 2019

Independents Day, a documentary radio series by Alan Meaney

Episode 8, RTE 2XM, 7th June 2019


The latest edition of Independent's Day by Alan Meaney puts the spotlight on Farpoint Recordings. Alan interviews Anthony Kelly and David Stalling about their approach to running a small independent label and how for them it's a creative project allowing connections and dialogues with artists who are creating sound art and new music works. They discuss the process that has lead to many unique releases on the label. Alan also talks to label artists Danny McCarthy and Viv Corringham about their artistic practices and their experiences working with and releasing a project through Farpoint Recordings.


You can listen to Independent’s Day, Episode 8 here:



A Sound Map of Dún Laoghaire - New Field Recordings and Sound Journal Essay entries to project website

We are pleased to announce new entries to the Field Recordings, Sound Journal and Guest Recordists sections including recordings by Alan Meaney, Diane Barker, Anthony Kelly and a new essay written by Paddy Sammon about James Joyce’s guitar playing. This Sound Journal entry also features live recordings of John Feeley playing Joyce’s restored guitar and Dr. Fran O’Rourke singing Joyce-related songs 'The Lass of Aughrim' and 'Slán le Máigh'.


You can hear and read these new entries at



Viv Corringham - On The Hour In The Woods CD, Wire magazine (Issue 421, March 2019) review 

Writing in the March 2019 issue of Wire magazine, Clive Bell finds a musically impressive work ‘that is a fascinating sketchbook of instant responses to a rich sonic environment’...


Visit the Listen section of the Farpoint Recordings website to hear tracks from this CD


On The Hour In The Woods is available from the Farpoint Recordings shop now!



Easy Perfection Salad 
New CD & Launch Event by Paul Hegarty and Mick O’Shea 
Plug'd Record Shop, Cork, Sunday 10th March, 7.30pm

Easy Perfection Salad, a new full length CD from Paul Hegarty (Trace, SAFE) and Mick O’Shea (The Quiet Club & Strange Attractor) featuring five tracks recorded live at Sherkin island, The Cork Artists Collective and The Guesthouse, Cork. The CD packaging is presented as a full colour A2 sized fold-out with colour photography by Irene Murphy. First Edition of 500 copies.

CD launch event at Plug'd Records, Cork on Sunday 10th March, 2019 with live sets from Paul Hegarty, Mick O’Shea & Solamh Kelly and with support Suzanne Walsh.


Easy Perfection Salad is available from the Farpoint Recordings shop now!


Christina Kubisch - Voices Of Memory CD, Wire magazine (Issue 421, March 2019) review

Writing in the current issue of Wire magazine, Julien Cowley finds a work that is 'Incantatory and variably accented'...


Voices of Memory is available from the Farpoint Recordings shop now!





sound-art-festival, Gorzów, Poland / 22-24.02.2019

Anthony Kelly and David Stalling will be exhibiting new collaborative sound and video works at Terminal 08 gallery & giving a short presentation about their sound art label, Farpoint Recordings on Friday 22nd February. They will also be doing a live improvised sound performance as part of the festival Performance Night, Saturday 23rd February. All of this happens as part of the Brimborium Sound Art Festival, Gorzów, Poland.

Friday, 22nd February
19:00 – Anthony Kelly i David Stalling – Channel 0 exhibition opening
Terminal08 gallery, ul. Grobla 15 - All welcome to come along

21:00 - Farpoint Recordings presentation (Dublin)
Sejf, ul. Jagiełły 11 / Łaźnia Miejska - All welcome to come along
Saturday, 23rd February
11:00-14:00 - Jo FRGMNT Grys - workshops

15:00-18:00 – Radek Sirko - workshops
MOS, ul. Pomorska 73

16:00-17:00 Farpoint Recordings (Dublin) webcast live DJ set, tracks from recent label releases, Sejf, ul. Jagiełły 11 / Łaźnia Miejska

20:00 – Performace Night - Andrea Lange, Anthony Kelly & David Stalling, Seamus O’Donnell, Jo FRGMNT Grys, Michael Schmacke, Radek Sirko, Mikołaj Tkacz
CKN Centrala, ul. Spichrzowa 1
Sunday, 24th February
11:00-14:00 - Andrea Lange - workshops

15:00-18:00 - Mikołaj Tkacz - workshops
MOS, ul. Pomorska 73

Festival organised with financial support from the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation and Culture Ireland.




Announcing UK and Irish launches of KnowingUnknowing -
a new CD & DVD by Benjamin Dwyer, Helen Kindred and Pete Gomes
Middlesex University, London - January 17th, 2019, 7 - 9pm
Dance Ireland, Dublin - January 25th, 2019, 6 - 8pm
All welcome to come along, hope to see some of you there!

Farpoint Recordings are delighted to announce two launches of KnowingUnknowing, the new CD & DVD by Benjamin Dwyer. The release features music by Benjamin Dwyer, guitar/prepared guitar; Pete Gomes, film; and Helen Kindred, dance. The cover art packaging is a two colour heavy card A5 trifold, printed with metallic ink and containing a twenty page booklet insert with new essays by Dwyer, Gomes and Kindred. The CD & DVD's are mounted to the inside covers. KnowUnknowing marks the first collaboration between Farpoint Recordings and Nathan Somers of Wicklow based graphic design company We Make Visual.

The first launch event in Middlesex University, London will be opened Professor Carole-Anne Upton (Deputy Vice-Chancellor) and includes a Q&A hosted by Paul Cobley. The Dublin launch will be opened by Bernard Clarke from RTÉ lyric fm with a Q&A hosted by Evonne Ferguson from Contemporary Music Centre, Dublin. Both launches will feature a full programme including live performance and film screenings.

KnowingUnknowing CD & DVD available now from the Farpoint shop



​New editions for 2019 in the Farpoint Recordings web shop:

On The Hour In The Woods by Viv Corringham

That summer I stayed in a cabin in the woods. Every day, at a different hour, I went outside to record and sing with the sounds I heard there. After 24 days I had covered every hour of day and night and so I stopped.

We are delighted to announce the release of On The Hour In The Woods, a new CD by British singer and soundscape artist Viv Corringham. Viv's work includes performances, installations, radio works and soundwalks. She is interested in exploring people's special relationship with familiar places and how that links to personal history and memory.

This new 24 track CD is presented in trifold eco-pack format with colour photography throughout. There is also a foldout insert with a short note by the artist.


Season's greetings from Farpoint Recordings. We wish to thank all our kind label supporters who purchased our releases and came along to our launch events during 2018. Looking forward to seeing you all again in 2019.


Temple Hill Burial Ground, Blackrock, Co. Dublin: from 1860 to 2018 - Book Launch
Sean McCrum, Doreen Kennedy & Anthony Kelly

Saturday 15th December - 3PM
The Reading Room
48 Main St., Blackrock, Co. Dublin

All are welcome to come along

Temple Hill Burial Ground combines a book and two CDs to explore the unique environment and history of Temple Hill Burial Ground through text, colour photography and sound recording. It features essays and related articles by Sean McCrum. These include an interview with Christopher Nuzum who has worked on revitalising the burial ground for over many years. Doreen Kennedy, photographer, has contributed a series of atmospheric images, reproduced here in full colour. Artist Anthony Kelly visited the burial ground over a three year period exploring its rich sensory environment through sound recording. There are two CDs which are part of the publication. The first features a detailed conversation between Christopher Nuzum and Sean McCrum. The second CD features a composition interweaving voices (including stonemason Michael Roe and Christopher Nuzum) with an evocative series of nature recordings made by Anthony Kelly over a three year period in Temple Hill. This project has been made possible by grants from Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Arts Office and Quakers Ireland.

The launch will include a short introduction to the project by Sean McCrum followed by an audio playback by Anthony Kelly featuring some of the sound recordings from the two CDs included in the book.

Temple Hill Burial Ground book and CDs available now from the Farpoint Recordings shop





All very welcome and admission is free

Call into IMRO Ireland HQ on December 7th from 5pm to see/hear live and recorded work from Diatribe Records, Ergodos, Heresy Records, Raelach Records, DotDotDotMusic, Improvised Music Company, IMRO Ireland and our good selves - Farpoint Recordings. It would be great to see some of you there.

The NARLI Annual General Music brings to the table Ireland's leading independent record labels for a real-time musical discourse about where music is at in Ireland. Right now.

Preceded by a record fair from 5pm showcasing some of the tastiest new Irish releases, the AGM at 7pm will be conducted in sonic form, with speech relegated to the footnotes and the aftershock. Each record company will be represented in live performance, with their music and their images speaking on their behalf, in a discussion chaired by Kenneth Killeen, artistic director of the Improvised Music Company.

The minutes of the meeting will be streamed live and recorded for subsequent release by the NARLI umbrella organisation.



Sirius 1.jpg

NAD SPIRO – SIRIUS SIGNALS reviewed by Massimo Ricci

Writing for Touching Extremes, Massimo Ricci discovers a release that 'opens up perceptive dimensions' and 'one of the finest outings from Nad Spiro to date...'


Reporting on the never enough sung activities of Rosa Arruti, the Basque sound artist known as Nad Spiro, is always a pleasure. For starters, she has stayed in contact – on and off – across the near-entirety of Touching Extremes’ history. Furthermore, and most importantly, her type of creative research is independent from the hustling and the purchased coverage defining many of today’s presumed geniuses fighting for overnight popularity. Arruti is a woman who, to steal a commonplace, really “works at the margins”. Either one understands what she does or not, our inkling is that her craft will not be sold to masses fed by the fatuous propagandas of selected channels of “information” (which – let’s all remember – is not knowledge, as The Philosopher used to say).


Sirius Signals is the compendium of a residency in Cork, Ireland. While there, Arruti gathered a considerable quantity of acoustic materials of miscellaneous origin (as usual, the work’s genesis can be learned by clicking the label link). Subsequently she assembled them in six five-minute compositions of mainly electronic temperament (of abstract typology) bordering with acousmatic territories. This means that a pinch of just everything was thrown in there. Buzzing drones, quasi-techno pulses, Guglielmo Marconi’s voice on an ancient tape, radiophonic junk, pitch-transposed ship horns, synthetic ricochets, low-frequency undercurrents, lo-fi semi-alien singing. You name it, Arruti probably included it.


Still, it’s not a random mishmash of uncanny sonorities; a specific scheme is deduced whenever lending an attentive ear. And yet, some of the most unrealistic manifestations taste like morsels of Nurse With Wound and/or Zoviet France. This seem to indicate Arruti’s willingness to amalgamate the exact and the amorphous in order to invite the audience not to remain stiffened inside their listening habits, attempting instead to open up perceptive dimensions beyond the false securities of “yes, I do know what this is”. According to that logic, mission accomplished. 


This is both another intriguing release from Farpoint Recordings, and one of the finest outings from Nad Spiro to date.


Massimo Ricci / Touching Extremes / 31.05.18


Sirius Signals by Nad Spiro is available from the Farpoint Recordings webshop




NAD SPIRO – SIRIUS SIGNALS reviewed by Joseph Stannard

Writing for issue 405 of Wire magazine, Joseph Stannard charts 'a soundtrack for shipwreck cartography...'

Sirius Signals by Nad Spiro is available from the Farpoint Recordings webshop




The Quiet Zone - a concert and book launch by Strange Attractor & Farpoint Recordings
in honour of Jed Speare at Metropolitan Waterworks Museum
Boston, Massachusetts, 9th November 2018

Danny McCarthy, Mick O’Shea, Irene Murphy, David Stalling, Anthony Kelly
with guests including EL Putnam, Ernst Karel and Morgan Evans-Weiler.


Farpoint Recordings are proud to be launching re-issues of several of Jed Spears’ artist books at Metropolitan Waterworks Museum, Boston this November. The books include On Reading, A Quiet Zone (Toronto), A Quiet Zone (Fitchburg), I Call You and Crushed Buckets. There is also a new essay by David Miller about Speares’ artist books published in booklet format. Produced in an edition of 250 copies these booklets will be given free with purchases of the artist books. Available from the Farpoint Recordings shop soon.

The Quiet Zone is a concert at the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum, Boston by Irish sound art collective, Strange Attractor, in honour of the late Boston based experimental musician and artist, Jed Speare. The concert is organised by prominent music promoter Non-Event, and coincides with the launch of a posthumous publication of Speare’s work by leading Irish sound art label, Farpoint Recordings. This project is supported by Culture Ireland, Mobius and Non-Event.

The Wounds of Returning - Sound Works II 1974-1983 by Jed Speare is available from the Farpoint Recordings 



From time to time we like to unearth a review from the archives. "Camouflaged nuances and tremendous underground plunges" - here's Massimo Ricci's from Touching Extremes take on Fergus Kelly's A Congregation of Vapours CD...


FERGUS KELLY – A Congregation Of Vapours / Farpoint Recordings



Fergus Kelly: speaker feedback, no-input mixing board, DIY electronics, amplified metals, field recordings, processing.


Add to the above instrumentation a quick glance at this link and you will need no explanation whatsoever about how this marvelous record was conceived and performed.


Eight tracks that drone, buzz, rattle, quake and hum like the good times where there was still a word behind this category of proposal: research. Unquestionably, Kelly did a lot of that, adding to the process a pair of discriminating ears. There’s a profusion of harmonic substance in A Congregation Of Vapours that satisfies the ear in near-carnal fashion. I believe that no better way of receiving the goods from this CD exists than enjoying it via top-class dynamic headphones, for there are camouflaged nuances and tremendous underground plunges inside the vibrational matter which demand superior means to be authentically received in the physical manner that should peculiarize this brand of inner education.


The agile exercising of the single components in the audible fabric – in conjunction with a cyclical sense of wholeness in the compositional formation – pushed me to return to the disc over and over during a week’s span. Each time I ended with having nothing to communicate in writing, yet highly delighted. When that happens, it is commonly an encouraging sign – except for the fact that my conviction of the impossibility of conveying words to depict the unequivocal corporeal consequences of certain sounds is by now total.


Without actual similarities, let me just recommend this release to those who support artists such as Jim Haynes, Seth Nehil, Olivia Block, Jgrzinich, Mnortham, Jonathan Coleclough. It’s definitely one of the best works treading the “repeat and reprocess” path that I’ve heard of late, evocatively palpitating and forbiddingly solitary at once. Practically flawless.


Massimo Ricci / Touching Extremes

A Congregation of Vapours by Fergus Kelly is available from the Farpoint Recordings webshop


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