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Damo Suzuki Network — One More Universe

This audio CD from instant sound composer Damo Suzuki features Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple) on guitar throughout. Dublin Sound Carriers include Paul Condon, Fergus Cullen, Barry Murphy and Bryan O'Connell. The cover and inside fold-out sheet contains images by artist Gillian Lawlor. There are also drawings made by Damo Suzuki during his visit to Ireland in 1969. One More Universe was recorded at Crawdaddy, Dublin, during December 2008.



Track Listing:
Universe 1: Newborn Steel Unicorns
Universe 2: Pneumatic Distorted
Universe 3: Hullabaloowah
Universe 4: Delete History
Universe 5: Music For The Long Now
Universe 6: Lost Between The Spaces

Running Time: 66mins.


Damo Suzuki’s first visit to Ireland forty years ago was very much in keeping with his career ever since.

Hitch-hiking in France during 1969, in the middle of a youthful grand tour, he met the Murphys, an Irish family who were in the area on a driving holiday. He was invited to return to Ireland with his new friends to stay at their farm in Wexford, where he lived for 6 months. It would be only a short time later on returning to Germany that he would famously become part of another great family: Can. The previously unpublished drawings seen in this booklet are from that period, as is the photo to the right, of Damo with the Murphy's son Barry.

Damo’s next visit to Ireland would not be until August 2004. In his interview around that time in The Wire magazine he mentioned his Never Ending Tour, an infinite series of concerts, venues and musicians, which has seen him circumnavigate the globe several times in the past few years. On reading this there was an immediate rush to the phone and we were lucky enough to bring him here for his first Irish performance on that tour, at the Mór Festival in Tullamore.

Damo has been to Ireland regularly ever since, playing 11 gigs to date, with over 50 Irish musicians from bands such as United Bible Studies and The Jimmy Cake, and touring with Z’ev and The Last Sound. This album is the second release from these performances.Damo’s phenomenal work rate shows no signs of flagging. His extraordinarily positive energy and good nature has ensured that his gigs are always memorable, and we are very proud to present this recording for your enjoyment. Joining the Damo Suzuki Network for the evening we were very privileged to have the wonderful Makoto Kawabata from Acid Mothers Temple. His stellar playing made our evening even more enjoyable. Special respect and thanks are due to him as well.

Final words should go to Damo: “Keep your good vibes, share to the one next to you”.

Bryan O’Connell
October 2009

Damo Suzuki Network — One More Universe

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  • Limited edition of 500 copies, hand numbered.



    Audio CD with 7" cover and inside fold-out sheet printed on uncoated paper. Housed in pvc sleeve. Images by artist Gillian Lawlor. Drawings by Damo Suzuki made during his visit to Ireland in 1969.


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