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Danny McCarthy — The Beat Groups of Askeaton

The Beat Groups Of Askeaton is the new cassette release from innovative Cork based sound artist Danny McCarthy and the first instalment in our series of cassette tape editions.

Two new tracks constructed from shattered frozen master tape salvage in combination with his short text and a cover photo (from the artist's personal archive) create a fascinating miniature sound piece presented on compact audio cassette.


In the early 1960s, in a small town in southern Ireland, there existed several of what were known at the time as “Beat Groups”. A similar situation existed in most towns in the country at the time. The Kranks, The Twilights, The Jinx, The Amantes, The Wildcats and Auntie. Most remained local, never straying far from their local scene and most remaining in existence for short periods of time, before morphing into some new entity.

One group was slightly different in that they put their dream of making a record into practice...

Rumour now has it that there was a mix made of the original tape that still exists, but the group members cannot agree to release it.

(excerpt from sleeve text by the artist)


Track Listing:

Side 1
The Beat Groups Of Askeaton part 1

Side 2
The Beat Groups Of Askeaton part 2

Danny McCarthy — The Beat Groups of Askeaton

SKU: fp050
  • First Edition of 125 copies, hand numbered.

    Music Cassette tape with full colour cover and folded leaflet containing a short text by the artist, housed in a clear cassette box. Free digital download coupon included.


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