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David Stalling - Elemental Machinery

Elemental Machinery is an album of new work by composer and sound artist David Stalling, featuring field recordings, string instruments and electronics. The carefully crafted music responds to a series of field recordings of telescopic machinery, taken by the artist during a residency at the Teide astrophysical observatory on the Canary Islands in 2017, offering a meditative encounter with the sound worlds of these technological sites.


The Elemental Machinery turquoise coloured transparent 180 gram Vinyl LP is housed in a heavy card cover featuring the stunning star photography taken near the observatory by Antonio Martin Carillo. The printed liner bag contains a sleeve note by EL Putnam. The LP comes with a Digital Download token. The CD version comes as a 6 panel eco-pack format.


Track Listing:


1) Cupula 20:55

2) Quijote 8:36

3) Sun Tracker 12:11




David Stalling - Elemental Machinery

  • Vinyl LP
    First Edition of 200
    Coloured transparent 180 gram Vinyl LP, housed in a heavy card cover with printed liner bag featuring a sleeve note by EL Putnam. Digital download token.

    First Edition of 300
    6 panel eco-pack CD on uncoated board

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