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Strange Attractor — Soundcast 4x4 (+1)

'In a world where electronics and digital media have largely supplanted traditional modes of music and sound generation, and where the pacing of communications is determined by attention spans measured in seconds rather than minutes, the sound art works of Anthony Kelly, Danny McCarthy, Mick O'Shea and David Stalling provide a welcome relief, an alternative to the thirty-second sound bite, and a reminder that our ways of measuring time and space are virtually meaningless when set against the realities of the universe.'

from The Sculpture Room by Peter Murray


Track Listing:
4 x 4 (+ 1): 1 9.13
4 x 4 (+ 1): 2 3.38
4 x 4 (+ 1): 3 21.05
4 x 4 (+ 1): 4 3.47
4 x 4 (+ 1): 5 7.43
4 x 4 (+ 1): 6 8.49
4 x 4 (+ 1): 7 8.38
4 x 4 (+ 1): 8 3.45
4 x 4 (+ 1): 9 2.45

Total Running Time: 67.23

All tracks Kelly, McCarthy, O'Shea, Stalling, 2010


'The most fundamental structure of perception is the identification of a figure set against a ground. When a figure is perceived, it is done so because, as Merleau-Ponty writes in The Phenomenology of Perception, it doesn’t “belong” to the background. It offers, he says, “much more than the qualities presented at a given time”, by standing apart from the ground on which it sits.'

Extract from Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is, Francis Halsall

The tracks on this audio CD are extracts from a four hour live performance that took place in the Sculpture Room of the Crawford Gallery, Cork Ireland during July 2009. The specially designed full colour folding cover by Doreen Kennedy contains photographs from the performance taken by Irene Murphy. The package also includes texts by Peter Murray (Director of the Crawford Gallery) and Francis Hallsal (Co-ordinator of Art In The Contemporary World, NCAD) which were written specially for this project.

The Soundcast 4 x 4 (+1) audio CD was launched in The Crawford Gallery during November 2010, at the first performance of Strange Attractor, a new project by Anthony Kelly, Danny McCarthy, Irene Murphy, Mick O’Shea and David Stalling.


Crawford Gallery

Art in the Contemporary World

Strange Attractor — Soundcast 4x4 (+1)

SKU: fp035
  • First Edition of 500


    CD published by Crawford Gallery & Farpoint Recordings.
    Foldout sleeve design by Doreen Kennedy.

    Images by Irene Murphy.


    Texts by Francis Halsall and Peter Murray.

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