Various Artists — The Sound We Are Now

23 track sound art compilation CD featuring Irish and International artists. In early 2007, David Stalling and Anthony Kelly asked a number of artists and composers to respond to a simple idea: to send a short track that in some way reflected their creativity at that particular moment. The rest was left open: the track could be a work in progress, an excerpt from a larger piece, a live recording, sound fragment, field recording or composition. The results of the project are to be found on this CD.


Contributing artists include Dan Senn, Roger Doyle, Jennifer Walshe, Fergus Kelly, Johannes S. Sistermanns, David Lacey & Paul Vogel, Jay Roche, Jugen Simpson, Gráinne Mulvey, Danny McCarthy, David Beattie, Angie Halliday, David Stalling & Anthony Kelly, Thea Herold, Alan Lambert, Dennis McNulty, Jon Aveyard, Seá¡n McCrum, Artificial Memory Trace, Mick O'Shea and Max Eastley. The curator and writer Seán McCrum has contributed a short text which is included in the CD booklet.

Visit for reviews, biographies and track notes by the contributing artists.

"Sound can move from being a specific composed entity to sound as the aurally perceivable part of a much longer conceptual continuum. Work may use one specific space only as a creative unit. It may be performable anywhere appropriate. It can technically combine several sites as a single simultaneous event. Whatever the approach, creative sound is becoming a continuum rather than a fixed unit. Sound does come in waves."

Seán McCrum
Writer and Curator

Various Artists — The Sound We Are Now

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  • Audio CD. Jewel case with booklet.


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