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The Quiet Club - The Telepathic Lockdown Tapes is fascinating how light both performers’ touches are. It would be easy to imagine a situation in which this work becomes a constant stream of sounds as each, performing by themselves, fill in imagined gaps. But yet both performers’ stream of consciousness occasionally share moments of stillness that can be really quite beautiful.

Anna Murray, Journal Of Music, December 2020

Have you one hundred and sixty minutes of listening time available for The Quiet Club?

That's good. This release is just for you.

Sixteen solitary telepathic sonic visions - fused together in magnetic tape...
Making: Eight tracks at Twenty minutes each.
A folding box.
A metaphysical poem.
Some (Four) photographic cards with special messages.

Here then, Eight tracks presented to you via the audio magic of cassette tape
and digital download uncanniness:

Four on cassette tape, Four more to download at your pleasant convenience


The Telepathic Lockdown Tapes by The Quiet Club

Listening is and always has been at the core of The Quiet Club’s (Danny McCarthy & Mick O’Shea) work, combined with their policy of not discussing the work before or after it's performance has been the hallmark of their practice. Unable to listen to each other perform during the Covid-19 lockdowns the duo resorted to Telepathic Listening. Uninterested in Zoom, Facetime etc. the duo decided to each perform in their own separate studio’s 20km apart at a given time on appointed days for 20 minutes at a time. Nine tapes were recorded between 4th and 29th June 2020 using reference points including Joyce and Cage. Some of this material became an installation in Lismore Castle and Tape 9 was released on Café Oto's TakuRoku label during December 2020.

Now Farpoint recordings are releasing The Telepathic Lockdown Tapes 1 to 8 on cassette tape and digital download...

You can hear a track from The Telepathic Lockdown Tapes in our Listen section

The Telepathic Lockdown Tapes track listing:

Cassette Tape


Side 1:
The Telepathic Lockdown Tapes 1 & 2

Side 2:
The Telepathic Lockdown Tapes 3 & 4

The Telepathic Lockdown Tapes 1 – 8

Total Cassette Tape Duration: 80'00”
Total Download Duration: 160'00”

About The Quiet Club:
The Quiet Club is Mick O’Shea and Danny McCarthy. Formed in 2006, the ensemble has met with considerable success and has become recognised as one of Ireland’s leading sound art improvisation groups. The Quiet Club continues to push the boundaries of sound making and listening by employing a wide range of sound-making devices, ranging from stones, homemade instruments, electronics, amplified textures, theremins and field recordings.

They have toured extensively in Ireland and have played at festivals in UK, Germany, Poland, Canada, China, USA and Japan. They have also appeared at World Expo (Shanghai), Static (Liverpool) and I & E Festival  (Dublin), Hilltown New Music Festival (Westmeath), Mobius (Boston) and Harvestworks (New York), and Black Iris Gallery, Richmond, Virginia. They frequently play together with guests, which in the past have included Mark Wastell, Stephen Vitiello, Mel Mercier, David Stalling, Anthony Kelly, Steve Roden, Jed Speare, John Godfrey, Harry Moore, Iarla O’Lionard, David Toop, and many others.

The Quiet Club - The Telepathic Lockdown Tapes

SKU: fp077
  • First Edition of 100

    The Telepathic Lockdown Tapes is available on cassette tape with two twenty minute tracks per side. The cassette tape is housed in a folding card box along with a set of four photo cards. All eight tracks are available to download via a download card included with the cassette tape package. The download includes a pdf artwork booklet.

    Price includes 4 track cassette tape and 4 bonus tracks via download token. Prices include VAT.

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