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Various - Artists for Peace

Peace is not a negotiated gap between two wars. Composed sound is not a gap between two other compositions. Each is a positive and dynamic action, involving commitment expressed through concept and emotion.


Extract from Peace by Seán McCrum, curator & photographer, June 2022


Farpoint Recordings has created a new twenty four track digital album to raise humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine, bringing together artists associated with the Farpoint Recordings label. All proceeds from this unique twenty-four track digital album will go directly to UNICEF and the Irish Red Cross. The album sells for just ten euros and is available here and from the Farpoint Recordings Bandcamp page.


The album features contributions from leading Irish and international artists including: Christina Kubisch, The Quiet Club, Danny McCarthy, Mick O’Shea, John McLachlan, Rosa Arrutti aka Nad Spiro, Schirin Nowrousian, Anthony Kelly, David Stalling, Benjamin Dwyer, Karen Power, Harry Moore, Fergus Kelly, Quiet Music Ensemble, John Godfrey, Izumi Kimura, Cora Venus Lunny, Joseph Young, Greystones Orchestra, Ian Wilson, Jennifer Walshe aka Freya Birren, Viv Corringham, Katie O’Looney, Paul Kane, Linda O’Keeffe, David Toop, Strange Attractor, Stephen Vitiello, Doreen Kennedy, Seán McCrum


The audio is accompanied by a specially designed thirty-two page pdf booklet containing track-listings, artist bios, photography and a short essay about peace by Seán McCrum.


Leading Irish artists and composers such as Jennifer Walshe, Benjamin Dwyer, The Quiet Club, Karen Power, Cora Venus Lunny and Ian Wilson feature along with many well known international artists including David Toop, Christina Kubisch, Viv Corringham, Stephen Vitiello and Rosa Arrutti aka Nad Spiro. This diverse collection has orchestral works, sound art, electronic compositions, new music, improvised sound, field recordings and spoken word. While many of the tracks respond indirectly to the theme of conflict some are more specific in their approach. German artist Christina Kubisch has donated a recording from her Voices of Memory project. The poignant track features a reading of names of some the Irish soldiers killed during the First World War. UK based sound artist Joseph Young contributes For Ukraine, a field recording of the Greystones Orchestra playing the Ukrainian national anthem. This unique ethnographic document begins with a minute or so of chat and bustle beforehand and was captured by Young during his artist residency at Killruddery House, County Wicklow. Similarly, a track such as A Sorrow Keening (from her CD album Metamorphosis and Praxis) by Irish sound artist and educator Linda O'Keeffe, fits seamlessly into the project theme. To frame and complement the audio, curator Seán McCrum has written a short text called Peace, finding connections between it and creative and positive action.


The collection has been thoughtfully sequenced into two programmes, although project organisers Anthony Kelly & David Stalling encourage listeners to experience the tracks in any order they may wish.


What the Red Cross are doing

Since the conflict in Ukraine began, the Red Cross have helped more than 750,000 people. Their work includes the distribution of 400 tonnes of vital aid - food, blankets, hygiene parcels and warm clothes. They are providing first aid training, medical and psychosocial support.


What UNICEF are doing

The war in Ukraine has left 5.2 million children in need of humanitarian assistance. Thanks to their dedicated and generous supporters, UNICEF have been able to reach over four million children and their families who are facing the immediate and long-term impacts of this devastating war, with primary healthcare, water supplies, education and protection services.


Help support those affected by the conflict in Ukraine by purchasing this unique collection of contemporary sound works.


The album is available here and from the Farpoint Recordings Bandcamp page.




Track Listing:

01 Christina Kubisch, 2M 04:30
02 The Quiet Club (Mick O’Shea & Danny McCarthy), Snow Birds 11:24
03 John McLachlan, Incunabula 12:00
04 Rosa Arrutti aka Nad Spiro, Sparks and Clouds 07:00
05 Schirin Nowrousian, Lost In Thought 03:40
06 Anthony Kelly & David Stalling, Slope 04.
07 Benjamin Dwyer, Residua 09:10
08 Karen Power, Forever Ricefields 14:00
09 Harry Moore, New Orleans Train 05:03
10 Fergus Kelly, Echolocation 05:28
11 Quiet Music Ensemble, Hand-tinted by John Godfrey 12:41
12 Izumi Kimura, Cora Venus Lunny & Anthony Kelly, Dried Leaves 04:50
. : .
13 Joseph Young, For Ukraine 03:37
14 Ian Wilson, Primavera 03:48
15 Jennifer Walshe aka Freya Birren, Manhattan Hybrid 07:46
16 Schirin Nowrousian, The World 01:18
17 Viv Corringham, 7pm 01:25
18 Danny McCarthy, The Raushenberg Scores (excerpt) 08:27
19 Katie O’Looney & Paul Kane, Co. Kerry 05:16
20 Linda O’Keeffe, A Sorrow Keening 04:44
21 David Stalling, Quijote 08:36
22 David Toop and Strange Attractor, Untitled 14:13
23 Stephen Vitiello, GlassMarimbaFrogCaller 04:32
24 Anthony Kelly, Blackbird Sings To Distant Birds 05:08

[Total 162:41]

Mastering by David Stalling
Project co-ordinated by Anthony Kelly & David Stalling


Various - Artists for Peace


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