Fergus Kelly — Shot to Shreds

Shot To Shreds is the new cassette release from innovative Irish sound and visual artist Fergus Kelly and the third instalment in our series of cassette tape editions. Featuring a black cassette shell, each wrapped with full colour fold-out artwork with images by Fergus Kelly all housed in a clear plastic box. Each cassette tape comes with a digital download token.

Continuing in the vein of his previous release for Farpoint Recordings, Shot To Shreds further crushes, curdles and coagulates its sources into new consolidations and conjugations of clotted coalescence. The concrete concoctions of side A, a related series of compositions under the title Debris Field, create a tactile and disintegrating landscape of fractured spaces and skewed geographies, lively and capricious as unstable weather fronts.

The compositions of side B slow things down and stretch them out, creating a space for the dredging of decelerated melodic fragments and smeared harmonics to colour the work, pegged out on crudely sutured structures. The pacing remains pacific, with noirish brass growls and choral traces, but the compacting of elements thickens and overloads on Cored, to create a relentless sonic snowstorm, a digital blizzard that clears the ground for the vacated spaces of the final composition, Closing The Circuit. Total run time is 55’ 13”


Track Listing:

Side 1

Debris Field parts I - VII

Side 2

Impact Spatter, Discrete Oblique, Cored, Closing The Circuit

Total duration: 55’ 13”

Fergus Kelly — Shot to Shreds

  • First Edition of 100 copies on compact cassette & edition of 25 fine art prints

    Black coloured compact cassette tape with a full colour fold out cover, containing artwork with artwork by Fergus Kelly, housed in a clear cassette box. Each cassette tape comes with a digital download token.


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